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Just three badges - simple! We have taken an in-depth look at all of the major companies that sell fake diplomas and transcripts online in order to create a tool that will help you decide who you can buy from without having your money stolen or your personal information put at risk. When you're reading through our fake diploma reviews, you'll notice that each site has a different sign attached to it. It will either read "Trusted, Caution, or Danger!" They will represent our overall assessment of the site's safety and reliability. We hope they immediately catch your eye, so that you'll be able to walk away from the review knowing which places are the safest to buy from. As we looked over the sites, we checked a number of factors that we feel are important in determining the reliability of these fake diploma companies. Keep in mind, these ratings don't mean necessarily that the products from one company will definitely be better than the products from another (although I'm sure there will be some relationship). This is meant to be a determination only of whether or not your money and information are safely handled by the company . If you'd like to check the companies out and judge for yourself, you can find a number of tips for avoiding scams here.

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Because we care! We want you to love your custom order the first time. Fake diplomas are fun and getting one online shouldn't be a hassle. We have all the experience needed to point you in the right direction, so that's what we're doing. If you've decided that you want to buy a custom diploma or transcript online, then you can rely on our recommendation to do so without any worries! If you'd just like to learn more about phony diplomas, browse through our informational articles. We are continually exploring every aspect of this business and blogging about our experiences with them. If you have any topics you'd like to us to cover, send us a suggestion and we'll hop right on it! The majority of our articles have already been inspired by readers' questions!

Trusted Site

The "Trusted Site" badge will be reserved for the companies that appear ironclad-safe to buy from. They will accept credit cards on a secure site and have a privacy policy that protects your information. These sites will also have a telephone number that can be reached and customer service reps that appear courteous and professional. It will be essential that they have multiple methods of contact as well. The best sites have phone, chat, and email - all that give you relatively prompt responses that address your questions and don't sound like an 8 year old wrote them (no offense to 8 year olds!). Professional companies hire professional employees, so that's what we're looking for before we use this sign.

Caution and Danger Sites


Fake-Diploma-Caution The caution will be a warning to hesitate before you buy. For sites that wear this badge, we can't be as sure as the trusted sites that you'll get a product after you buy. Also, it means that they either don't have a privacy policy to protect your information or their policy is poorly written and vague. Companies that wear the caution badge will still accept credit cards (the most secure form of payment online) and will do so on a secure site, but most likely will not have any phone number. It is important that sites have a working phone number that is live during business hours - especially when you're using a credit card and giving away your personal information online. We believe that if the company doesn't have one there is probably a reason they don't want to speak with you. Lastly, a caution symbol could mean that we have spoken with the company, but the response was very unprofessional. You'd be surprised at the quality of some of the written responses you'll get from companies online and we strongly advise caution when talking to companies who cannot spell correctly or form complete sentences!


Fake-Diploma-Danger As the name says, these sites are dangerous! More than likely if you buy from one of these sites, you either will get your money stolen or your personal information could be used inappropriately. Companies that wear the Danger badge will almost always not take credit card payments, but if they do it means they processing them on an site that is NOT secure. They will most likely ask you to send cash payments to a private person in another country after a few short and unprofessional-sounding emails. These are the scam sites that scare people away from the fake diploma business. They give a bad name to some real companies who actually provide decent products and treat your personal information with respect. We strongly advise that you stay away from any site that we have reviewed and subsequently decided to give a danger badge. They are bad news!